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"Richard from Leaders & Searle is the perfect coach, good listener, wealth of experience with people and organisations and full of interesting stories and anecdotes. It was a privilege to be coached by him and he has helped me to understand myself a lot more."  Justin Murphy, Senior Manager, ANZ Banking Group

"We were bringing together a fairly new management team from very different backgrounds and cultures, so it was essential that Richard from Leaders & Searle could adjust to the differences. He achieved this with ease and a great sense of humour to boot. Even our most cynical team member was fully engaged in the leadership and strategy workshop and we were unanimous in rating Richard as head and shoulders above any other presenter we had experienced." Chris Laidlow, General Manager Water Supply, Greater Wellington Regional Council

"Richard conducted a Master Class on Negotiation for the Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (AVCAL). His thorough approach and real life experience working with business leaders and negotiators will bring a rich experience to anyone who chooses a Leaders & Searle program." Deborah Young, then General Manager, Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association and now CEO of RegTech

"We engaged Richard to lead several development days with our CEO and his Executive Team, and to help design and conduct a Leadership Conference for our top fifty people leaders, the executive and many of our board members. Richard is an outstanding facilitator and he is very easy to work with. He not only added significant value to us and our plans as a company, but he has also played a key role in our transformation. I would highly recommend Richard." Natalie Lombe, then General Manager Culture, Capability and Strategy, Synlait Milk, NZ

NEW!!  WE NOW HAVE LEADERSHIP ON TOP ("THE LOT") WORKSHOPS AND PROGRAMS  WHICH INVOLVE AN EXCITING AND UNIQUE APPROACH TO DEVELOPING SENIOR LEADERS AND MANAGEMENT TEAMS AND ARE AVAILABLE IN A LARGE RANGE OF DIFFERENT CUSTOMISED FORMATS. "Leadership On Top": Read the Book; Run the Program; Get the Impact. GO TO www.searleburke.com/essential-leader-program or CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE. Or the Brochure for the 2019 Open Enrolment LOT here. And you can download the Brochure for Negotiation Workshops here. Or the Brochure for Coaching and Advice Services here. .

Right now only one question really matters to any business, organisation or manager, and it is this: How do we fulfill our purpose? Effective leadership is the answer! It is simple but not necessarily easy. What we have learnt from working with many senior managers is that they are capable of even more leadership than they are allowing themselves to exercise!

We help businesses, organisations and managers to fulfill their purpose, achieve their strategy and deliver their performance goals by helping them to develop effective leadership. That is the purpose of Leaders & Searle! Our customers tell us we are effective at it, and that is how we derive our fulfillment. Contact us to be put in touch with clients who have used our various services. We have a strong track record built up over a long period from working with some of the best companies and some of their best managers and working with one of the best Business Schools and providers of Executive Education in the world. Maybe we can help you, your team and your organization– Why don’t you talk to us about it?  Why don't you talk to your Executive or HR Director about us too?

We also tender for development work when invited.

See some of the comments sent to us by previous participants on our senior leadership program conducted for Melbourne Business School Executive Education. Maybe Leaders & Searle can do the same for your team, your business, your organisation - business school quality from a nimble and innovative consultancy:

"Personally I got so much out of the one week senior leadership program with Richard and Robert. It was a significant turning point for me in terms of having the confidence to trust my instinct and lead. In fact I recommended the course to two of my Executive team colleagues and it has been so valuable reflecting together on what we learned and challenging one another to embed these leadership skills in our everyday working lives."

– Debby Blakey, CEO, HESTA Super Fund

“My pending transition to Managing Director of our consultancy firm was the reason for attending this course, along with encouragement from the retiring Managing Director who had attended a number of years earlier. Insightful, Powerful, Life Changing – they are the simple messages I would like to impress upon potential attendees. I continually refer to my experiences on a day to day basis, and try to get others around me to shift their thinking.”

– Robert Serapiglia, Managing Director of The Gardner Group

“I am a new person, more in touch with what my team needs from me and what we have to do as a business to set the benchmark for the industry. In the future, pioneering programs like this will become a prerequisite for leadership.”

– Radek Sali, Formerly Chief Executive Officer of Swisse

“The learning has made me more confident. And with that confidence comes the courage to make the moment of truth choices – both in business and in life – that lead to new opportunities. A defining feature of the program is the way that the program directors facilitate group dynamics to create the chemistry and energy for powerful individual and shared learning experiences.”

– Kirsten McMahon, NAB Regional Business Executive and then Oceania Marketing Manager for Shell Australia

“Leadership and strategy are two defining words in our modern world. However, they are so often not understood or over-used throughout various sectors of our community including business. The Course at Mt Eliza not only clearly defines these skills it also digs deeply so you can apply what you learn once you have left the course. In short, what you learn sticks. The business world is challenging, sometimes scary and Mt Eliza helps make sense of how to be the very best leader you can be.”

– Jim Kouts, Group Manager, Corporate Affairs, International Power Australia

“At first it seemed like any other high-end executive course. Twenty eight high achievers trying to fit their egos into a single room, while we learned future thinking, advanced strategic tools and new business techniques and insights. The transformation started with the challenge laid down by the facilitators. The challenge kept confronting us and led to some wonderfully uncomfortable moments. We who rarely fail somehow felt that we were missing the big prize! For me the transformation has been extremely powerful. I’m more productive and doing a better job. The Program has resulted in a permanent positive change in my life. I highly recommend it to anyone contemplating executive leadership training.”

– Dr Richard Templar, then Group Manager Industry and Environment,
Ministry of Science and Innovation, New Zealand

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Richard, Robert and Colleagues

Richard Searle is a Consultant and Educator with wide experience in Australia and internationally. He specialises in executive and management development, with a particular focus on leadership, decision making and negotiation.

Robert Burke's experience as a Chief Executive Officer gives him a deep appreciation of the real challenges that senior leaders experience on a day to day basis. Robert now uses both his real world wisdom and his thirst for learning, knowing and understanding, to assist senior leaders position themselves and their organisations for better futures. He is an educator and consultant and also a strategist and futurist.

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