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The Seven Sources of Power for Effective Leaders

The full version of this Article is attached in PDF form to my Blog entry of the same name loaded today. An edited version of the article appeared recently in the Business Spectator. In it I argue that leaders need to power up! Leadership involves moving others and moving others involves power! I talk about the more destructive form of power over others, and distinguish it from power to lead others to achieve beneficial outcomes. Grand aspirations and good intentions are not enough if we are powerless.


Negotiation Update 2

There is money to be made through negotiation and dealmaking. And there is money to be saved too in getting some good advice or education in how to craft and implement deals! In this Update I examine how two Australian businessmen, Kerry Packer and Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris, make some fundamental and costly mistakes in very important strategic deals. It is too bad that Andrew and Kerry did not do a strategic negotiations course with us or did not ask us for some advice about substantive, relational and procedural moves to maximize value and joint gains in deals!

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This article first appeared in Fast Thinking and it argues that corporate and societal leadership can't just be about mobilizing lots of people for any old carnage. Surely it can't be leading change no matter what the change? Surely it can't be just a great performance no matter what the means? It becomes more complex and difficult if we include values and morality in our description of leadership, but it cannot be avoided entirely.

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This is the tenth article which I have written for the Business Spectator. An edited version of the article appeared recently under the title "Stress: Friend or Foe?" The article argues that many senior leaders suffer from chronic stress and do not have healthy and reliable ways for managing it. Yet, ironically, leadership and change themselves can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Is this a contradiction?

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