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Amanda Sinclair

Amanda Sinclair

Sohail Inayatullah

Sohail Inayatullah

Creating Influential Leaders & Great Executive Teams

"Thanks Richard for the insightful and valuable sessions which you conducted with our Executive Team"
Debby Blakey, CEO HESTA

"Richard's coaching and insights have helped me have breakthroughs with what seemed like insurmountable challenges. I can not recommend his advice and coaching highly enough."
Nedine Thatcher Swann, CEO, Gisborne District Council NZ

"Richard continues to assist Maben with great leadership programs to build strong leadership skills in our people which enables us to transition them into more senior leadership roles in the business."
Craig Gathercole, Director, Maben Group Pty Ltd

"Great contribution Richard. The feedback from the executive team has been that it's the best workshop we have ever done as a group."
Simon McNamara, Founder and Managing Director, Bounce Inc

"You are one of my leadership rockstars Richard."
Radek Sali, Chairman of Light Warrior Investments and Ventures, former CEO Swisse

Visit Podcasts to listen to more interviews with clients. Right now only one question really matters to any business, organisation or manager, and it is this:   How do we fulfil our purpose? 

Effective leadership is the answer! It is simple but not necessarily easy. What we have learnt from working with many senior managers is that they are capable of even more leadership than they are allowing themselves to exercise! We have our own method to take the lid off that and we call it "Leadership Insight Dialogue". Click here to read more about L.I.D. We also have our exciting new Leadership On Top ("The LOT") Workshops ( see the dedicated section at ) which are conducted inside organisations to develop senior leaders and their management teams either as a five day program with a range of specialist presenters or in a tailored modular format, or see Brochure here for 2019 open enrolment three day senior leadership intensive "The LOT". SEE recent feedback from clients about The LOT by clicking here. "Leadership On Top": Read the Book; Run the Program; Get the Impact. Click here to download the corporate LOT Brochure..

WE ARE KNOWN FOR: creating influential leaders and great executive teams. WE ARE TRUSTED FOR: impact, quality and value. WE ASSIST: businesses, organisations and managers to fulfil their purpose, achieve their strategy and deliver their performance goals by helping them to develop effective leadership. WE CHALLENGE: many conventional views and practices regarding leadership, strategic decision making and teamwork.

That is the purpose of Leaders & Searle!  Our customers tell us we are effective at it, and that is how we derive our fulfilment. Contact us to be put in touch with clients who have used our various services. Scroll down for further details of our services, and check out Richard's bio and some of our blogs for discussion about work we have done with clients. Click here to download our Negotiation and Deal Making Brochure. And click here to download our Brochure for Coaching and Advice Services. .

We have a strong track record built up over a long period from working with some of the best companies and some of their best managers and working with one of the best Business Schools and providers of Executive Education in the world. Maybe we can help you, your team and your organization - business school quality from a nimble and innovative consultancy.

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We also tender for development work when invited

What We Do

Leaders & Searle is a Management Education Consultancy and we offer these educational and consulting services throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific:

  • Customised Leadership and Strategy Solutions
  • Leadership On Top Workshops and Programs ("The LOT") for Senior Managers
  • Four Tailored In-House Workshops on Leadership, Negotiation and Futures Thinking
  • Facilitation of Executive Off-Sites
  • Coaching and Keynote Presentations


Our customised leadership and strategy solutions are built around a joint understanding of your needs, and the benefits and outcomes which you are seeking. We work intensely with you to diagnose and understand your specific needs. We design together and then deliver the appropriate management and education solution. We engage in structured follow up, reinforcement, and impact assessment.  And the same experts work with you through each stage from start to finish in a seamless learning process.

We ourselves specialize in Senior Leadership Development, Futures Thinking and Strategy work, and Negotiations work.  We also have access to a broad network of other specialists. We typically work at Executive, Senior Management and Middle Management levels.

Much of our customised work with clients is in the executive and senior leadership space.  We challenge many of the conventional views about the nature of leadership because we believe that they are insufficient to meet the performance needs of contemporary organisations. Our view is that leadership is about moving people towards the achievement of common purposes, and it is about helping organisations to adapt to changes in order to survive and thrive. Leadership calls for responsibility and change in ourselves and from others.

In our view being able to think and act in new and fresh ways in order to bring about sustainable Change in individuals and organisations is one of the three key aspects of leadership work. The second important dimension of leadership work is helping people to Collaborate with each other and to perform really well together. And the third great need and challenge for leadership is to help others to be Creative and innovative about the future. We call these the 3 C’s of leadership work – Change, Collaboration and Creativity.

We use learning methods which are powerful and novel, and our presenters are highly skilled and experienced. We have developed our own learning method which we call "Leadership Insight Dialogue", and an article explaining the seven elements in detail can be found in the Publications Section or clicking here. From time to time we conduct a Master Class in Leadership Insight Dialogue and more information can be found at . Participants and clients typically find our leadership development work inspiring, high impact and even transformative which means at times it can be quite demanding and high intensity. Our method is a blend of approaches including Dialogue itself, Presentations and Exercises, Real Time Feedback and Case-In-Point, Group and Organizational Dynamics, Reflection and Mindfulness. From our experience working with thousands of senior managers we can say that our learning method leads to new and highly valuable insights which have immediate application, but  will continue to bear fruit for years after our initial intervention. Maybe we can help you, your team and your organization - business school quality from a nimble and innovative consultancy.

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This Workshop is typically 4 or 3 Days in length and targeted at senior managers. It is presented by Amanda Sinclair and Richard Searle.  The Workshop takes a similar approach to leadership as described in the previous section but it also explores the theory and practice of mindfulness.  Mindfulness brings a powerful new dimension to leadership and promotes both effectiveness and wellbeing. Workshop participants will engage in meditation, yoga and relaxation practices alongside the other more formal learning sessions.

Mindfulness is the practice of relaxing and paying attention.  For many senior managers their attention during the hectic working day is either scattered or captured, and this undermines both their effectiveness and their sense of wellbeing. Mindful leaders are continually refreshed and perform at their peak by paying attention in a focused or open way which is not filtered by habitual or automatic judgements, opinions, evaluations, comparisons or interpretations. Lots of benefits flow from this form of leadership.

Mindfulness helps leaders to reduce their stress levels and it provides a far healthier way than excessive eating, alcohol, or irritability, to deal with the inevitable stresses of senior management. Mindfulness helps senior managers to reduce their “excessive and repetitive thinking” which drives stress and which can keep them awake in the middle of the night. Mindfulness helps managers to recognise some of the more reactive, controlling or needy aspects of their egos, and to let them go if they are undermining their success in work relationships or commitments. Mindfulness helps managers to discover that still place inside themselves where they can access qualities such as personal courage, insight, and creativity which are so useful for leadership. And mindfulness helps managers to clarify and connect to their purpose in being a leader in the first place.

The Mindful Leadership Program is refreshing, powerful and very joyful. Read a Review of Amanda's book "Leading Mindfully".

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This Workshop is typically 3 or 2 Days in length and targeted at senior or more experienced managers. The Workshop is built around a Value Maximization and Mutual Gains Framework and has a focus on your workplace negotiations.  Topics typically covered include complex negotiations, deal making, and the influencing, joint decision making and stakeholder management challenges which face many senior managers.

The Workshop is high energy, very enjoyable and highly interactive. We use lots of real world examples, and the relevant exercises and simulations are written either by the Presenters or sourced from the Program on Negotiation at Harvard University and the Dispute Settlement Centre at Kellogg Business School.  We provide a range of laminated Guides and memory jogs to take back to the workplace.

Richard Searle is the lead Presenter.  Richard spent fifteen years engaged in Industrial Relations negotiations, Government and Regulatory negotiations, and Landlord and Tenant negotiations.  Richard has spent another fifteen years teaching management and commercial negotiations to thousands of managers from hundreds of businesses and organisations.  Richard is educated at Harvard University and in the Program on Negotiation at Harvard University.  Richard strives for what he calls a 3E approach to negotiation education – effective, efficient and enjoyable learning. For five years Richard taught the Negotiation Course for the Mt Eliza/University of Queensland MBA  and it consistently received the highest ratings for an elective.

Some of the many Topics which clients can choose from include:

  • The value maximization and mutual gains framework for negotiating and influencing
  • Deal design to maximize value and advantage
  • Process design and process moves to maximize value and advantage
  • Managing the tension between creating and claiming value
  • The art of framing and persuasion
  • Strategies for dealing with the relational, conflict and behavioural dimensions of negotiation
  • Influencing strategies
  • Auctions, tenders and negotiations
  • Procurement and negotiations
  • Project Management and negotiations
  • Contracts and negotiations
  • Internal corporate negotiations and influencing strategies
  • External stakeholder management processes
  • Joint decision making - Read article here on How To Make Tricky Decisions
  • Facilitation of group negotiations and conflicts
  • Global negotiations and cultural challenges
  • Consultations over your own workplace challenges
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This Workshop is typically 3 or 2 days in length and targeted at middle to senior managers. The focus in this Workshop is to build the fundamental skills needed to negotiate high value agreements while protecting working relationships.  The Workshop is based on the Value Maximization and Mutual Gains Framework developed by the Program on Negotiation at Harvard University. We provide a range of laminated Guides and memory jogs for participants to take back to the workplace.

This Workshop is presented by Richard Searle and he follows a very practical and reliable development process to improve the negotiating and influencing skills of any manager. This reliable structure can be tailored to meet the different needs of companies, industries or professions. Lots of additional options can be chosen such as the use of various behavioural feedback instruments.  In this Workshop there is a strong emphasis on one-on-one or two party negotiations and the scenarios are generally simpler than in the Advanced Workshop. In many ways the simpler scenarios allow for a greater concentration on fundamental principles, frameworks and skills. The Workshop also helps to develop the communication, conflict management and influencing skills of the participants. Read here How Leaders Influence People.

Participants are provided with guidelines for preparing a real Workplace Challenge which they currently face, and there is a consultation process around these challenges during the program. The Workshop allows corporations to build a common negotiation language and methods across the organisation. Corporate participants leave this Workshop clear about how to apply a Mutual Gains Approach and confident in their workplace challenges that they can negotiate better outcomes while building better relationships.

Maybe we can help you, your team or your organization. Why don't you talk to us about it, or recommend us to your Executive or HR Director? Download Brochure here


This Workshop is presented by Robert Burke and Sohail Inayatullah at the Melbourne Business School, Mt Eliza executive education twice a year in May and September. These Workshops are 4 days in length and targeted at middle to senior managers, CEOs and Board members.

Please contact Mt Eliza, toll free: 1800 00 66 80 or email:

The focus of this program is about organisational and societal transformation. It involves an emphasis by individuals and organisations to think about the future and realize what new values, virtues and goals are needed for a better world. What kind of world do you want to live and work in?

To download a brochure and enrol please go to:

Business leaders are paid to focus on the bottom-line and they should.  They acknowledge that environmental and social concerns deserve attention, but not at the expense of company value or shareholder returns.  Surprisingly, many companies are discovering that they can enhance their competitive positioning while improving their image as responsible companies.

It is very important that we understand that what strategy is – is what you actually do.  It cannot be anything else.  Strategy happens in the present, in the now, by you.  Strategic and business planning, although very important, is still just espoused strategy – it is not strategy in action.  This is why futures thinking matters - it is the thinking you need to do before you even think about strategy.  

The objectives:

  1. Using new and parallel sources of information
    1. Scanning the environment
    2. Find new links to our markets / trends
  2. Look for opportunities for quantum movement
    1. Look for new “adjacent space” to move our business into
    2. Planning horizons – timeframes
  3. Focus on own actions
    1. Take responsibility for innovation and creation
    2. Get more comfortable with taking some risk
  4. Going forward
    1. Map out what happens today versus what we want in the future and track progress
    2. Work to build a work environment supportive of change and innovation.

The Workshops are led by Robert Burke and he uses a well tested process to improve the futures thinking and strategic planning skills of any manager. 

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