Leadership On Top: Transforming Leaders ("The LOT")

"DOWNLOAD BROCHURE FOR NOVEMBER SENIOR LEADERSHIP INTENSIVE ("THE LOT') HERE. Twenty years of working with the region's best companies and best business school has taught us that it is effective leadership which is needed and missing in many businesses and organisations if they are to succeed. And the solution may be sitting under your nose - develop and encourage the intrinsic leadership ability and passion that lies within your senior managers. The Leadership On Top approach is designed to do that. These workshops and programs are the companion piece to our book "Leadership On Top: How Managers and Others Become Leaders" (see Homepage for the LOT book). Now that you have taken the time to visit us I invite you to check us out thoroughly. I am very confident of the effectiveness of the LOT and I would be very happy to trial a pilot program or workshop in your organisation. Different lengths; different focus: same strong impact. We also tender for development work when invited. Scroll down for lots of information on "The LOT". Why don't you contact me to explore it? Download the Brochure here. Check out our latest innovation - the LID with the LOT as a COMBO. Read commendations here. SEE 2018 feedback from clients for The LOT"

  Richard Searle - 0407509261 richard@searleburke.com
MPA (Harvard), BA (Hons) (Melbourne) 

"Leadership On Top" - Essential Leaders' Guide - Next Generation Senior Leadership Development - Passion and Effectiveness

Leadership On Top (LOT) is a unique and exciting approach to senior leadership and management team development conducted by Leaders & Searle inside organisations to transform the effectiveness and fulfilment of leaders while delivering very practical and tangible business outcomes. Many of your questions about the Leadership On Top approach will be answered by scrolling down this page. Also, see the terrific feedback from clients and participants about the work of Leaders & Searle - business school quality from a nimble and innovative consultancy - by clicking the Homepage at the toolbar on the top of this page. There is more information about Richard and Leaders & Searle below, and you can see a list of the clients that we have worked with by clicking Richard's Bio at the toolbar above. An overview of the full range of other services offered by Leaders & Searle can be found in the Management Education Consultancy section of this website. Ask us about recent clients and feedback for "The LOT". These are the most common words used in feedback from the thousands of managers who have engaged in leadership work with us previously: "Powerful", "Insightful", "Challenging" and "Outstanding". READ FURTHER TO EXPLORE OUTCOMES, FORMATS, CONTENTS, METHODS AND FACILITATORS.

What are the objectives of "The LOT"?

  • To enable senior managers to connect to the essence of their own intrinsic leadership ability and passion.
  • To advance the core work of leadership in modern organisations – the 3Cs of leadership work, namely, Change, Collaboration and Creativity.
  • To deliver the leadership success which is most wanted and needed right now by businesses, organisations and communities – the type of leadership which succeeds at achieving our purposes, executing our strategies and delivering on our performance goals.
  • To enable senior leaders to overcome the natural forces of entropy and to continue to grow as leaders. 

Who is it for? 

Senior Leaders with significant strategic and organisational responsibility. Businesses and Organisations who aspire to achieve ambitious goals, and who are committed to developing a group of senior leaders who together execute strategy, change and performance initiatives brilliantly.

What are the individual and organisational benefits?

The emergence of Strategic Leaders who can mobilise and influence others to:

  • Perform really well together and bring the best out of each other
  • Achieve common purposes and strategic goals
  • Deal with adaptive challenges and change
  • Make tough choices
  • Be creative and innovative about the future
  • Be successful and fulfilled.

What is the range of content for any program or workshop?

The Leadership On Top process brings together everything which we have learnt over the past twenty years from conducting leadership development with thousands of senior managers drawn from hundreds of great companies and organisations in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Now we have designed the Next Generation of senior leadership development to help shape the future. The underlying structure of the program is based on the chapter design of our Guidebook "Leadership On Top: How Managers and Others Become Leaders", and addresses: (1) Leadership, Power and Authority; (2) Leadership, Dialogue and Learning; (3) Leadership and Self; (4) Leadership, Purpose and Values; (5) Leadership and Mindfulness; (6) Leadership and Emotions; (7) Leadership, Groups and Collaboration; (8) Leadership, Organisations and Performance; (9) Leadership, Strategy and Creativity, and; (10) Leadership, Change and Culture. Clients can mix and match these topics depending on their own needs and priorities.

The Sample Content for a Program or Workshop may include:

  • Exploration of theories and frameworks around the Nature of Modern Leadership
  • Introducing Leadership Insight Dialogue method
  • Large and Small Group Consultations over a current Strategic, Innovative or Personal Leadership Opportunity/Challenge for each participant
  • Sources of Power and Influence for Transformative Leaders
  • Daily Individual and Group Reflection and Group-As-Case Reviews
  • How leaders build Trust
  • Symlog Group Leadership Feedback instrument (more at www.symlog.com) exploring typical organisational dynamics, optimal team and leadership performance and peer feedback from the workplace. One-on-one coaching.
  • Futures Thinking, Creativity and the Three Strategy and Growth Horizons
  • Critical Decision Making in the face of Uncertainty
  • Identity and Leadership
  • Personal and Collective Immunity to Change and How To Transform It
  • Emotions and leadership
  • Purpose and Values and Generating change
  • Mindfulness and Group Leadership
  • Culture and Organisational Change
  • The "Five Foci Framework" for Leadership Success for the Business and Organisation: the Leadership and Culture focus; the Strategy and Change focus; Innovation and the Future focus; Collaboration and Performance focus and: the Challenges and Opportunities focus
  • Changing Habits with the 3P Method
  • Strategic Leadership into Action

(more details about the content and daily outlines can be provided on enquiry, and the content can be fully customised)

What is the Learning Method?

The LOT uses our own exciting and innovative learning method called Leadership Insight Dialogue - hence our nickname is the "LID with the LOT". Our method has seven elements which are integrated into each session of the program. These are:

  • Dialogue
  • Group Dynamics
  • Feedback
  • New Ideas
  • Reflection
  • Mindfulness
  • Personal Sharing

(more information on the Leadership Insight Dialogue method can be found by clicking here and at www.searleburke.com)

What formats are there for the LOT?

Different lengths; different focus: same strong impact. The Leadership On Top approach can be tailored for different organisations, different needs and adapted for executives, senior leaders or middle management. We also tender for development work when invited. Clients request a range of very different formats and shorter program lengths, but the four most popular formats for the program are:

  1. A five day program is led by Richard Searle and with a range of specialist presenters and feedback givers.
  2. A modular format of 2 Days plus a 3 Day Leadership Intensive and a 1 Day Follow-Up, and led by Richard Searle with one feedback giver.
  3. A short 2-3 Day Leadership Workshop.
  4. It is also possible for you to be a Sponsor organization and invite external participants to enrol on your program. Find out more by clicking here.

Who are the presenters for the LOT?

Richard Searle is the lead presenter for the Leadership On Top Programs and Workshops - commendations can be read throughout this site and by clicking here . Detailed information about Richard follows and more is available by clicking his bio at the top of this page and other collaborators can be found at www.searleburke.com. There are a range of outstanding specialist presenters and feedback givers who are available for the LOT.

Richard is Director of management education consultancy Leaders & Searle. He is educated at Harvard University and has been a long time Program Director and now Associate at Melbourne Business School Executive Education. Richard designed and for the ten years before developing the LOT was lead presenter for MBS-MTE's flagship senior leadership development program "Leading for Strategic Success". The LSS has been one of the most popular and successful open enrolment programs conducted by MBS-MTE. Richard has a reputation for being an exciting, challenging and inspiring facilitator. He is also an expert negotiator, and he has conducted large scale leadership and change programs in major companies such as AXA Asia Pacific and Transurban, as well as consulting to a large variety of organisations.

Richard has written extensively about leadership and has been published regularly in business magazines, and his book titled "Leadership on Top – How Managers and Others become Leaders" is available at www.searleburke.com/leadership-on-top. Previously, Richard has been a consultant to the World Bank, been a senior Ministerial Advisor to the Victorian Government and been an Industrial Relations Negotiator.

How Do I Get More Information Or Get the LOT Happening in My Organisation?

Richard Searle,
Director of Leaders & Searle

E: richard@searleburke.com
Mob: 0407509261
P.O. Box 7154, Gardenvale, 3185
www.searleburke.com . Yes it is true - you can have the LOT!