Dr. Robert Burke


Robert Burke is a Director of Futureware Consulting Pty Limited and an Associate of Melbourne Business School, Mt Eliza Executive Education. Previously he was a Program Director and Futurist in Residence at Mt Eliza executive education part of Melbourne Business School. He can be contacted by email futurewareconsulting@gmail.com or telephone +61 (0)2 4862 4193 or mobile 0419 413 570. His experience as a Chief Executive Officer gives him a deep appreciation of the real challenges that senior leaders experience on a day to day basis. Robert now uses both his real world wisdom and his thirst for learning, knowing and understanding, to assist senior leaders position themselves and their organisations for better futures. He is an educator and consultant and also a strategist and futurist. Robert's key focus is leadership within a futures context. He challenges managers to think outside of the known, and to consider alternative perspectives. He has methods and approaches that enable truly innovative responses, and create positive energy for reconsidering the purpose of organisations, and how senior managers might create more dignified and sustainable outcomes for their organisations and for our broader society.

Robert has been a CEO/Managing Director for international companies, a consultant, and a student. He has worked in Australia, USA, Asia and the UK. He has broad corporate clients and he is a regular speaker at conferences and has authored articles on business and futures. He is a Visiting Fellow to The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford, 2012.

Robert is a terrific person, thinker and educator. He's great at helping people think more effectively and deeply about the future and their part in it.

Philip Oude-Vrielink, formerly of AXA Asia Pacific

Robert is an amazing thinker and facilitator. His ability to source new and emerging leadership and business trends and turn them into powerful knowledge and learning pieces for executives is outstanding. He helps executives think about the future in inspiring and practical ways.

Dr. Karen Morley, GenderWorx


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